He is a degree in chemical engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, Joaquim da Rocha Almeida. Working as an employee in some engineering companies, he noticed the need for an analysis laboratory that could develop processes and identify contaminants in waste streams, for industries of all segments.



With his background and entrepreneurial ideal, he founded EP Engenharia do Processo in 1974, aiming to supply the market with laboratory analysis for production process control and environmental control. Years later, with his experience and acquired knowledge, he composed a team for projects, since the laboratory, previously set up, gave all the support for the development of the process.


Caldeiraria, manutenção


In 1993 the boiler shop is inaugurated in the municipality of Nazaré Paulista in an acquired area of 72,000 m², with a built area of 7000 m², where tanks, compact stations, large equipment are manufactured and years later the factory for products for water treatment of cooling towers, high pressure boilers, reverse osmosis systems and water and effluent treatment was set up, called EP Química.



Service Extension

In 2004, with a complete laboratory, in terms of equipment and trained professionals, a new company, EP Analítica, was created, offering laboratory analysis with excellence. Today one of the most complete in the country and with a large number of parameters accredited by Inmetro.



Complete Solution

To serve their customers in a complete way, where any and all needs related to water and effluents, they could find in a single company, was born the EP Equipment in 2015, offering the market parts, items and consumables for treatment systems.

Equipe Guarul

This is how after more than 40 years, taking one step at a time, structuring and growing in a sustainable way, today we have more than 500 employees spread throughout the Brazilian territory, divided between the 4 areas of operation and without losing their values and their tradition we became the EP Group!