EP Analítica performs environmental analysis accredited by Inmetro through ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025:2017

The EP Group, through its environmental laboratory EP Analytica, has an extensive scope accredited by Inmetro through ISO 17025 certification , where we carry out different environmental analyzes of different matrices (water, effluents, soil, sediments and residues).

Our Inmetro certification also covers sampling, which enables full control of the process as a whole, from field collection to the issuance of the final report.


We have Accreditation for sampling in the following matrices:

  • Treated Water (sea water, water for bathing purposes);

  • Raw Water (environmental water, natural water, surface water, natural surface water, untreated supply water, spring water, groundwater, well water, spring water, water for bathing purposes).

  • Water for human consumption (treated supply water, drinking water, domestic water, water with added salts);

  • Saline/saline water (sea water, water for bathing purposes);


Below is an example of the main legislation complied with:

Consolidation Ordinance #5/2017 Provides on the procedures for the control and surveillance of the quality of water for human consumption and its potability standard
SS 65/05 Establishes the procedures and responsibilities related to the Control and Surveillance of the Quality of Water for Human Consumption in the State of São Paulo and makes other provisions
CONAMA Resolution No. 357/05 Classification of water bodies and environmental guidelines for their framing. Establishes the conditions and standards for effluent discharge, and makes other provisions
CONAMA 396/08 Provides on the classification and environmental guidelines for the framing of groundwater and makes other provisions.
Board Decision Nº 256/16 (CETESB) Provides for the approval of the “Guiding Values for Soil and Groundwater in the State of São Paulo – 2016” and makes other provisions.


  • Decree N° 8468/76
    – Provides for the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution.
  • CONAMA Resolution No. 430/11 – Provides on the conditions and standards for effluent discharge, supplements and amends Resolution No. 357, of March 17, 2005, of the National Council on the Environment-CONAMA.
  • NT-202.R-10 – To establish criteria and standards for the discharge of liquid effluents, as an integral part of the Polluting Activities Licensing System – SLAP.

Soils and Sediments

  • Conama 420/09 – Provides on criteria and guideline values for soil quality regarding the presence of chemical substances and establishes guidelines for the environmental management of areas contaminated by these substances as a result of anthropic activities.

  • Board Decision No. 256/16 (CETESB)
    – Provides for the approval of the “Guiding Values for Soil and Groundwater in the State of São Paulo – 2016” and makes other provisions.
  • Conama 454/12 – Establishes the general guidelines and referential procedures for the management of material to be dredged in waters under national jurisdiction.


  • ABNT NBR 10.004 – Solid Waste – Classification
  • CEMA 076/09 – Establishes the requirements and criteria in the request and issuance of Environmental Permits for co-processing waste in cement kilns, for raw material substitution or energy use.
  • CEMA 050/05


Our environmental analysis laboratory has a collection team equipped and with extensive experience to meet the needs of each client nationwide
>> See here our bases in several states.


Technical support

As a multidisciplinary group with teams of engineers, biologists, chemists, the EP Group has 40 years of proven experience in providing technical support and consulting services to our clients in the industry of the most diverse sectors.

We can help your company in the following ways:

  • What is the best treatment process for your effluent / water?
  • Which equipment is best for your process
  • How to reduce the use of chemicals in your plant
  • Treatability testing for soil remediation
  • Pilot units for testing and process proofing