The EP Tech unit is responsible for developing software to solve operationally complex problems in water and effluent treatment systems, as well as for other facilities.

It uses programming, automation and big data analysis to ensure control and excellence in services provided by EP Tech.

STEP is an application developed for real-time monitoring of control parameters, providing efficient and safe operation, remote monitoring of treatment systems.

With a macro view of your plant and secure, easily accessible, intuitive cloud data storage in the palm of your hand.


STEP is a digital solution that incorporates software and Big Data into the EP Group ‘s 360º solution concept, with real-time transparency and control of water treatment systems , effluents and water reuse , whether your plant is automated or manually operated .

STEP Functions

By means of operational data, the digital solution that incorporates software and Big Data with the 360º solution concept, STEP starts to record, STEP starts to receive records manually or by automation (IOT), the operation and maintenance (O&M) of stations starts to be monitored, in real time and autonomously, so that their performance is in accordance with the established control parameters.

Through the main panel, you can access the main information of your treatment station, such as: readings taken, media generated, indicator graphs, consumption of inputs, among others.


STEP, incorporated into the operation activities of treatment systems, has proven to be a powerful tool for a more assertive management, providing agility in problem solving, system evaluation, identification and application of process improvements, being the digital solution that incorporates software and Big Data with the 360º solution concept.

  • Benefits

    • Schedule
    • Automation
    • big data analytics
    • Control and excellence in services provided
    • Real-time tracking of control parameters
    • Efficient and safe operation
    • Remote monitoring of treatment systems

Optimize your system with STEP.

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